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  • Discovery Flight. Ever wonder what itís like to fly? A wonderful opportunity awaits you at Diamond. Discovery flights in a Cessna 172 are available. Prepare to discover a whole new world accompanied by one of our Certified Flight Instructors. After a 30 minute ground briefing, you'll take flight and fly the airplane under the guidance of your CFI. For 30 minutes, experience the joys of aviation first hand. Book your Discovery Flight today!
    Cost: $110.00

  • Diamond's legendary San Francisco Bay Tours. For $200 up to three people. Tour the beautiful "City by the Bay" by air and experience the thrill of a lifetime! Day or Evening one-hour flights are available with a Certified Flight Instructor, and includes your first lesson.

    Are you ready to realize your dream? Let Diamondís lively staff and instructors help you with the first step. We will help coordinate one-on-one lessons with one of our top-rated flight instructors. We'll guide you through the process and make sure that your training is a positive experience. At Diamond, you will find a supportive network to make the challenges of learning easy and fun.

    We have everything you need to make your pilot training successful. Diamond offers tools to enhance your training. Ground school, Computer Based Cessna Pilot kits, flight planning software, instructional videos and simulators are available to incorporate into your training.

    A Certified Cessna Pilot Center, Diamond Aviation provides private, instrument, commercial and multi-engine training for airplanes and helicopters. Our fleet consists of Diamond, Cessna and Cirrus aircraft.

    Your pilotís education doesnít stop there! At Diamond, regular programs and WINGS seminars, in cooperation with the FAA, will keep you on top of the latest in aviation.

    On the cutting edge of technology, Diamond offers flight simulators, software and support materials. These tools can save you time and money and sharpen your airmanship as you progress through your pilot training.

  • Take your Discovery Flight today!

    The incredible Bay Tour

    Terrific instructors

    Diamond evening Ground School

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