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Links and Resources
Here are some of our favorite sites on the web. Come back to http://www.ksql.com soon!

San Carlos Pilot's Association
Find out the latest happenings at our home base.
Diamond Aircraft
Home Page for Diamond Aircraft!
San Carlos Airport
See what's happening at Diamond Aviation's home airport.
Great source for the latest news in aviation.
Home Page for the Aircaft Owners and Pilots Association.
Women in Aviation
Home Page for Women in Aviation, International. Great info on education and scholarships available for women in aviation.
Home Page for Garmin. They make some of the best GPS units on the market. (We use them in all of our Katanas!)
Home Page for the Reno Air Racing Association.
Dave Morss' Myriad Aviation
One of aviation's top air racers and test pilots makes his home at San Carlos.
Hiller Aviation Museum
Home Page for the Hiller Aviation Museum, the latest addition to the San Carlos Airport!
Home Page for the National Air and Space Museum. Check out the exhibits on line!
Home Page for the Federal Aviation Administration.
Live pictures of the S.F. Bay from the roof of a local T.V. station.
National Weather Service, San Francisco Bay Area. A great source for Northern California weather.
A great resource for that next cross country. Take a look!

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