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N504DS   Diamond Star DA40 red/white   2002

Equipped with the incredible new Garmin GNS-530/430 combination, our new DA40 is the most advanced, high-tech plane we've ever offered. It has the best visibility of any GA aircraft ever built - even better than the Katana.

20kt faster than the 172SP, it will also carry 660 lbs of pasengers with full fuel. To Katana drivers, the DA40 is just as easy to fly and land, with the added confidence of 180HP and almost double the climb rate. The comfortable 4-passenger cabin is as nice as any BMW, and you won't get lost, or drift into airspace, with the huge GNS-530 mapping display.
Garmin Simulator
DA40 Brochure

Quotes from AOPA Pilot magazine review:

"The visibility, especially critical in formation flying, was the best of any aircraft I have flown. I mentioned to (John) Gauch that I felt I was on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise - only the "on screen" view wraps around the pilot for more than 180 degrees, an unobstructed picture window on the world."

"The aircraft was loaded without a pound to spare - three big guys and lots of bags. To show off the airplane's cargo capabilities, Gauch brought a pair of skis along. Yet we leapt off the ground and climbed out at more than 1,000 fpm.

"Cabin room was excellent. The noise level was low. All attempts to make the Star do something scary failed. Landings were as easy as those in the simplest trainer. Short-field takeoffs used an estimated takeoff roll of 250 feet and a a landing to a full stop soaked up only 300 feet."
Information below is not intended for flight planning purposes or aircraft operation. Always consult the Pilot's Operating Handbook for information pertaining to flight.
Powerplant Lycoming IO­360-M1A 180hp
Length 26.3 ft
Height 6.6 ft
Wingspan 39.4 ft
Wing Area 145 sq ft
Seats 4
Maximum gross weight 2,535 lb
Fuel capacity, std 41 gal
Useful load w/fuel 660 lb
Takeoff distance, 50-ft obstacle 1,150 ft
Max crosswind component 20 kt
Rate of climb, sea level 1,070 fpm
Cruise, 75% 147 kts
Range 600 nm

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360-degree panorama
of the DA40 cockpit. Quicktime VR.

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